Jacksonville Pool Tile Cleaning & Restoring Blasting

Pro Clean specializes in cleaning calcium and hard water stains from your pool tile and coping. We don't acid wash or use harsh chemicals to clean pool tile as this process can damage the tile / grout and leave a residue in the pool. Pro Clean uses a specializes low pressure maneral or soda blasting application that is enviromentally safe and safe for your skin. You can rely on us for all of your Jacksonville driveway cleaning requirements including:

•  Tile Cleaning

•  Coping Cleaning

•  Removing Water Marks from Tile

•  Tile and Grout Restoration

•  Swimming Pool Scale Removal

•  Low Pressure Tile & Grout Blasting


Media blasting your tile and grout is the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly way to clean pool tile and Pebble Tec in Jacksonville. Cleaning with glass beads or harsh chemicals, can permanently damage the fragile finish on your pool tile and pebble tec surface. Pro Clean Jacksonville uses a soft, water soluble mineral that is specifically made for tile and pebble tec. Using low air pressure we safely remove calcium, mold, mildew, algea and other deposits from your pool tile surface.